Yutong, shengtong, dada and mingpeng were newly selected into the wisdom factory

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How the packaging and printing industry will develop in the future, must be the focus of millions of industry people. With the introduction of the national "intelligent manufacturing 2025 development plan", especially the emergence of a large number of intelligent factories in terminal enterprises, no one doubts that smart factories will be the only way to transform and upgrade packaging and printing factories in the future. Recently, some of the packaging and printing industry's head enterprises have changed! Industry famous enterprises are scrambling to enter the new track of intelligent manufacturing, hoping to win the first chance in the future competition. Beijing Shengtong Printing Co.,Ltd said in a notice issued on Oct. 17 that the company received the honorary title of "pilot demonstration enterprise of intelligent manufacturing in Beijing economic and technological development zone" from the management committee of Beijing economic and technological development zone on Oct. 16, 2019. Similarly, in the suzhou city bureau of ministry recently issued "about suzhou 2019 publication of the city-level demonstration intelligent workshop list" list, a high-performance corrugated carton packaging products (suzhou) co., LTD. Intelligent production workshop, kunshan sing companion paper co., LTD. Environmental protection intelligent corrugated cardboard production workshop, suzhou yu with printing co., LTD. Intelligent high-end gift box production workshop to be included in the demonstration of intelligent workshop, is recommended by the application of self-directed, grassroots, expert evaluation, and the inspection was chosen.

According to public information, and the model of the intelligent manufacturing factory (workshop) is according to the local "intelligent manufacturing development plan (2016-2020)", "intelligent manufacturing implementation guide (2016-2020) of the file such as the requirement, to accelerate the" made in China 2025 "demonstration area construction, promote development zone manufacturing to the transformation and upgrading of smart intelligent manufacturing and selection of pilot demonstration enterprises. Shengtong, dade, mingpeng and yuping were finally awarded the honorary title of "intelligent manufacturing demonstration enterprise (workshop)" after application by the company, preliminary examination by the third party and review by experts. In addition, these enterprises will have the priority to apply for national, provincial and municipal special funds related to industrial transformation and upgrading and provincial demonstration smart workshops, and promote the construction of their own smart factories to improve their core competitiveness.

The future packaging and printing factory is the smart factory, the smart factory is the new stage of modern factory information development.

Smart factory is a new stage in the development of modern factory informatization. It is based on the digital factory to strengthen information management and service by using the technology of Internet of things and equipment monitoring technology. Clearly grasp the production and marketing process, improve the controllability of the production process, reduce manual intervention on the production line, collect the production line data timely and correctly, as well as reasonable production planning and production schedule. In addition, green intelligent means and intelligent systems and other emerging technologies are integrated to build a humanized factory with high efficiency and energy saving, green environmental protection and comfortable environment. "Wisdom factory" technology and the system as a new type of manufacturing system, provides the manufacturers and their suppliers a manufacturing process information platform, can make the enterprise to design the whole manufacturing process planning, simulation and management, and will make information to share with related department and suppliers in a timely manner, so as to realize virtual manufacturing and concurrent engineering, ensure production run smoothly.

In the packaging and printing industry, digitalization, intelligence, big data, green will be the focus of the factory development. "Intelligent manufacturing + Internet" is a comprehensive industrial revolution that integrates artificial intelligence and big data into the manufacturing industry and reshapes and optimizes the process of the whole value chain of the manufacturing industry. It is in urgent need of a platform, tool or means to accumulate traffic and form massive big data. When implementing the flow accumulation and formed after the big data, manufacturing can form a two-way connection between manufacturers and consumers and interaction, to reach the user, procurement, sales, logistics, the whole chain of connections, restore and optimize manufacturing value chain, thus than traditional manufacture a wider range of profits and development space, successfully realize the transformation and upgrading.

The three basic technologies of smart factory

One is the wireless sensor
Wireless sensor will be an important tool to realize smart factory. Intelligence perception is the basic building block. The intelligence of instrument and meter is mainly based on the development and application of microprocessor and artificial intelligence technology, including the use of neural network, genetic algorithm, evolutionary computing, chaos control and other intelligent technology, so that instrument and meter to achieve high speed, high efficiency, multi-function, high mobility and flexible performance, such as expertcontrolsystem; ECS, module logic controller (FLC - FuzzyLogiccontroller) and so on have all become the focus of smart factory related technologies.

Second, the networked control system (cloud smart factory)

With more and more embedded devices connected by smart factory manufacturing processes, deploying control systems through cloud architecture is undoubtedly one of the most important trends today. In the field of industrial automation, as applications and services move to cloud computing, the main modes of data and computing location have been changed, thus bringing disruptive changes to the field of embedded devices. Such as with embedded products and many typical IT components in the field of industrial automation; As manufacturing execution systems (MEs) and production planning systems (PPS) become smarter and more connected, cloud computing will provide more complete systems and services. Once the wiring is complete, manufacturing rules such as architecture, control methods, and human-computer collaboration methods will change as the control system is networked.

In addition, because the big data such as images, voice signal, high rate transmission demand for network bandwidth, network control system, and a severe challenge, and transfer of information on the Internet very diverse, what data should be spread, such as equipment failure information, what information can pass (such as E-mail) later, depend on the wisdom of the control system ability, proper judgment can be realized.

Third, industrial communication is wireless
Industrial wireless network technology is the most active mainstream development direction in the field of Internet of things technology. It is a revolutionary technology that will affect the future development of manufacturing industry. It provides a new generation of ubiquitous manufacturing information system and environment with low cost, high reliability and high flexibility by supporting the interaction and connection of things between devices. As wireless technology becomes more prevalent, vendors are offering a range of hardware and software technologies to help add communications capabilities to their products. These include bluetooth, wi-fi, GPS, LTE and WiMax. However, since factory demand is not as standardized as the consumer market, and more flexible choices must be made to meet production demand, the hottest technologies may not necessarily be the best communication standards and technologies that customers need.

Smart factory development direction

At the heart of the "smart factory" concept is a high degree of industrialization - and informatization. Smart factory is a digital factory based on the Internet of things technology and equipment monitoring technology to strengthen information management and services. In the future, data generated by large industrial machines in cloud computing will be transformed into real-time information (cloud intelligent factory) through big data and analysis platform, and green intelligent means and intelligent systems and other emerging technologies will be integrated to build a humanized factory with high efficiency, energy saving, green and comfortable environment.

First, process control visualization
Due to the high degree of integration of smart factory, the product manufacturing process, including raw material control and process, can be directly displayed in front of the controller in real time. In addition, the status of the system machinery and tools can also be mastered in real time to reduce the deviation caused by system failure. The relevant data in the manufacturing process can be kept in the database, so that the manager can have complete information for subsequent planning, and the maintenance of machines and tools can also be planned according to the status of the production line system. The intelligent combination of product manufacturing can be established according to the integration of information.

Second, systematic supervision is omni-directional

Through the Internet of things (iot) concept, connected by sensors, manufacturing devices can be perceived, and systems can identify, analyze, reason, make decisions, and control functions. This kind of manufacturing equipment can be said to be a deep combination of advanced manufacturing technology, information technology and intelligent technology.

Of course, such a system is definitely more than just a software system installed in KS. It is mainly the ability to accumulate knowledge through the system platform to build a database of equipment information and feedback. The production process information from the beginning of the order, to the completion of product manufacturing and storage can be clearly seen in the database. In case of abnormal process conditions, the controller can also respond more quickly to promote more efficient factory operation and production.

The third is in manufacturing green
Except for use in manufacturing environmental protection material, pay attention to pollution and other issues, and between the upstream and downstream manufacturers, from resource, material, design, manufacture, waste recycling to recycle treatment, to form a green product life cycle management of circulation, but also through the added value of green ICT applications, extend to green supply chain coordinated management and green process management and environmental monitoring, etc., wisdom to assist between upstream and downstream manufacturers and customers together to create green products accord with environmental protection.

The development of "smart factory" is a new direction of the development of smart industry. Features are reflected in manufacturing:

1. The system has the autonomous ability to collect and understand information about the outside world and itself, analyze, judge and plan its own behavior

Second, the practice of holistic visual technology: combining signal processing, inference prediction, simulation and multimedia technology to amplify the reality to show the design and manufacturing process in real life.

3. Coordination, reorganization and expansion features: each group in the system undertakes to form the best system structure by itself according to the work tasks.

4. Self-learning and maintenance ability: through the self-learning function of the system, implement database supplement and update during the manufacturing process, and automatically perform fault diagnosis, and have the ability of troubleshooting and maintenance, or inform the correct system to perform.

5. Man-machine co-existence system: man-machine has the mutual coordination and cooperation relationship, each of which supplements each other at different levels.





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